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Caroline, 53

I love everything about kids! When I was a child, I used to help my mom take care of my siblings and I loved supporting them and helping them ...

Sarah, 19

i am a psychology student, and i love kids! i can work with children in need and will try my best to provide them entertainment and safety so they ...

Sally, 22

I am a volunteer at several ngos. I enjoy cycling, reading, and working out. I do play some video games and board/card games. I like observing the way they ...

Randa, 56

I have been a babysitter for 15 years and I have one son who is now 32 years old. I work only with infants - and I have babysat ...

Abeer, 41

I love kids' innocence and honesty. Concerning my experience with children, I previously taught in kindergarten for four years. I also have 4 kids of my own - they ...

Jacqueline, 53

I really enjoy babysitting! I’ve gained experience through babysitting my granddaughter ever since she was born. I've also taken care of twins and helped my friends with their grandchildren. ...

Nour, 27

I really enjoy the simplicity in kids. I have worked as a child monitor at IOM, which I really enjoyed.My hobbies are reading and swimming - I love both ...

Ibtissam, 27

I have worked several times with Children through day and summer camps, we hosted children from different ages. I like sports and outdoor activities, i am into healthy eating ...

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If you’re bringing up your kids in Yarzeh they are very lucky indeed! Above the chaos and pollution of Beirut, they’re still close enough to get into the city for clubs and activities, malls and bustle. With spacious roads and large houses (often with gardens), and some great options for education, the setup is ideal.

While you deal with the traffic to and from work, your Yarzeh child carer can keep the kids entertained (and make a start on homework!) Booking a Jaleesa babysitter in Yarzeh means you can also take a night off - knowing that the kids are in good hands, and will be entertained and stimulated at home. Our Yarzeh child carers can also be a long term part of the family - with nannies available to work up to 40 hours a week. We can even make arrangements to pick the kids up (in a taxi or with your driver) from school, sports clubs, or daycare.