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Arlette, 41

Besides raising 3 kids, I also work as a part-time babysitter. I have babysat friends' and family's kids. I'm experienced with infants and older kids. I am responsible for ...

Yara, 22

I am currently volunteering through different NGOs in Lebanon and love to help unprivileged kids get the emotional and general support that many children around the world, and especially ...

Charlotte, 58

I have lots of experience watching children, from newborns to those aged 6 years old. I also have experience raising children of my own! I love how kids are ...

Rayan, 21

I am an ambitious, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual who is hard working, conscientious & reliable. I like to go to the gym and keep in shape in my spare ...

Duaa, 21

I am Lebanese and was born in Africa. I speak fluent English. In my free time I usually read, write, draw, play the piano, or go for long runs. ...

Fatima, 27

My favorite thing about kids is that they always teach me new things with their outgoing personalities and free spirits. They look at the world in a different way ...

Nadia, 27

I am a management information system student ,and am studying opera singing at the Lebanese Conservatory as well as sing in a choir :) I gained babysitting experience while ...

Yasmine, 19

I am a very caring person. Anyone who knows me would say that about me. I always put other people's needs before mine, especially if they're loved ones or ...

Mariam, 21

I just love playing with kids and kids love being around me a lot for we share almost same interests. I do sing and draw. I have great art ...

Rima, 37

I am a mother of two children, a boy and a girl. I like to read / cook with kids, and listen to what they want. I totally understand ...

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If you’re looking for trusted child care in Ras Beirut, you’ve found the right place. Babysitters in Ras Beirut are some of our finest - we hope you like them! All our Ras Beirut babysitters are trained and vetted through our four-step security process. If you’re living in the Ras Beirut area, including surrounding AUB and Hamra Street, at Jaleesa you can find a short term or long-term babysitter or nanny. This area has many kid-friendly cafes and places to visit - like the fantastic Sanayeh Garden, American University Campus and of course the Corniche and beach clubs. Book your child care with Jaleesa, and your babysitter can accompany you or take the kids to any of these places while you get on with work or relaxing. If you’re visiting the city, you can book a babysitter in Ras Beirut here at Jaleesa, and head off to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hamra Street and the striking Pigeon Rocks tourist destination.