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Yasmine, 19

I am a very caring person. Anyone who knows me would say that about me. I always put other people's needs before mine, especially if they're loved ones or ...

Isabelle, 18

Hi! I'm 18 years old and I adore kids, can't wait to have my own some day! i teach catholic studies in the summer and during the school year ...

Charbel, 19

I've worked as an animator at birthday parties - I love entertaining kids (and they love my crazy hair and big smile :)) I've dealt with kids aged from ...

Caroline, 53

I love everything about kids! When I was a child, I used to help my mom take care of my siblings and I loved supporting them and helping them ...

Pia, 21

My favorite thing about kids is that I get to learn a lot from them and from taking care of them. They have a vast imagination which I love, ...

Berthe, 53

I can take care of your loved ones: play, eat, do craft work, and escort them to their activities. I can also help with homework and primary school age ...

Bahja, 26

My name is Bahja I am 25 years old from Lebanon. I live in the suburbs of Beirut. I love reading and reading. I also love drawing and music

Sarah, 19

i am a psychology student, and i love kids! i can work with children in need and will try my best to provide them entertainment and safety so they ...

Sarah, 21

I love kids' wide imagination and creativity! I have been taking care of my 8 year-old cousin for two years. It has been a great experience, making me realize ...

Elissa, 31

One of the eldest of 20 cousins and proud aunt of 3 nieces I have a lot of experience with kids of all ages. And with a nine year ...

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Nesting in the hills of Mount Lebanon, Broummana is a fantastic escape from the city and a great place for kids. With child-friendly restaurants and walks to Mar Chaaya and among the pine trees, a Jaleesa babysitter in Broummana comes with plenty of ideas to keep the kids occupied - whether at home, or out and about.

Finding child care in Broummana has never been easier - within five minutes, you can be chatting with a short term or long-term babysitter or nanny to suit your family. If your kids are at school in Broummana, a Jaleesa babysitter can pick them up in a taxi or with your driver, and take them home. Homework is easier with a Jaleesa sitter! At the weekend, the kids and their Broummana child carer can hang out at home, while you enjoy some time off, or catch up on work. If you’re looking for trusted child care in Broummana, you’ve found the right place. Babysitters in Broummana are some of our finest - we hope you like them!