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We are doing our best to support families and caregivers during the coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon. We have offered all sitters an online Hygiene Awareness training, which includes a video assessment checked in person by our team. If your sitter has passed this training, the Hygiene Awareness badge will show on their profile.

Families and sitters are responsible for their own decisions on whether to go ahead with a booking. If a child, family member or sitter is sick or has a fever, please disclose this information, with symptoms and relevant doctor information, to the other party. This is so that families and caregivers can make informed decisions on whether to cancel a job. Please keep Jaleesa informed.

Specific to the Coronavirus, the Center for Disease Control recommends that people should self-quarantine for 14 days if:
- You have been in contact in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
- You have traveled to a CDC-designated level 2 or 3 area in the last 14 days

Jobs should be canceled if a sitter or anyone in the client's family fits into one of the above categories.

Jaleesa and any member thereof shall not be responsible in any way, for any contagion related to the Corona Virus or any other illness. The clients shall, at all times, be responsible for the safety, hygiene and health of their children and family members and shall be solely liable for any damages incurred due to such contagion

We expect the following of all Jaleesa babysitters:

To offer excellent childcare
To engage in create and stimulating games with children
Be responsible, respectful, and presentable
Respect families’ child care requirements, and accept feedback and criticism
Have internet, knowledge of basic English, and an email address
To proactively use the website
To set your hourly rate based on your experience and expertise
To attend regular training sessions

You will receive a Babysitter Handbook and a full briefing on Jaleesa’s standards at your Orientation Day, if your application is successful.

Working with Jaleesa is a great opportunity! You will be joining a fantastic community of people who are passionate about kids and positive values.

It’s a flexible job, and can be short- or long-term. You can choose your own working hours. You will have your own hourly rate, depending on your skills and experience. This is usually between $5-$9 per hour.

There will be opportunities for ongoing training and specialization that will look great on your CV.

By becoming part of Jaleesa you will also be part of a positive social impact, helping women access the job market, and more easily go back to work after having a child.

Other perks of being a Jaleesa babysitter include:

Insurance. We have developed professional indemnity insurance to support you in case something happens accidentally while you are at work.

Timely payments. We pay on time every month.

Free bank account with Bank Audi.

Job opportunities. The average Jaleesa sitter receives at least two job opportunities per month.

Discounted taxi rides. Our transportation partner Careem will give you up to 20% off on five rides per month.

Backup. As part of the Jaleesa community we are always here to support you.

Training opportunities. Enhance your career and experience as a top quality child carer.

We’re looking for people who want to work as babysitters and child carers. We welcome applications from men and women aged 18+. There is no upper age limit for Jaleesa babysitters. We are currently focused on Beirut and the Metn, but we welcome applications from sitters in all areas of Lebanon.

We are looking for people who:

Love kids
Have childcare experience
Speak, read, and write Arabic (and ideally also English, French, or another language, but this is not essential)
Are responsible, punctual, and hard workers
Are open minded, and driven to learn and improve
Have the legal right to work in Lebanon. You will need to sign a contract with us that says you agree to work to our standards.
Have an email address, and internet access

First, complete the online application at (click I am a sitter).

To apply you need:

A scan or photo of your ID card.
A clean police record (you will have to apply for a sejel 3dle at the next stage of your application
Names & email addresses of two references.

We will then invite you for a telephone interview, in English or Arabic. If you succeed, you will be given a place on our Orientation Training & Assessment Day.

At your Jaleesa Orientation Training & Assessment Day, you will learn all about Jaleesa and how we work. You will also be invited to training on First Aid and CPR, delivered with our partners the Lebanese Red Cross.

We are also working on a broader training program that will allow you to study child psychology, the latest child care trends, nutrition, education, and healthcare. We’d love to hear your ideas about how we can offer trainings you want: click here to give us your ideas.

You must submit a sejel 3adle before your phone interview. You can arrange your own sejel 3adle at any any branch of LibanPost (it costs 20,000 LL) or at the Internal Security Forces headquarters in Furn al Chebbak (call 01/292880 – 01/292885 for information). You must bring your sejel 3adle, in original hard copy, to the Orientation Training & Assessment Day.

For more information you can email us at or on the Jaleesa hotline +961 76 817 019.

Peace of Mind

We take the safety of our child carers very seriously.

Jaleesa parents submit copies of their ID and sign an official contract with Jaleesa. At your Orientation Training & Assessment Day we will train you in safety precautions, how to set and stick to boundaries, and what to do in an emergency. You will also be given access to a Panic Button App on your mobile phone, which you can use to contact us in an emergency. The Jaleesa team is on-call 24/7 to respond to any events that arise.

When you join Jaleesa you will sign a contract, which makes you eligible for professional indemnity insurance. This means that in case you are responsible for any accident, you will be partially or totally protected.

Our hotline is always open for any issues or questions. If you are in doubt, please call us anytime.

- "جليسة" تجمع وتحفظ المعلومات الشخصية لكل عملائها، حيث نطلب الإسم الكامل للأب/الأم ورقم الهاتف والعنوان
- "جليسة" تطلب من الأهل تزويد نسخة من هويتهم قبل تأكيد الموعد
- تفرض "جليسة" على الأهل توقيع عقد لكفالة سلامتك
- نوفر تأمين ضد الأخطار المهنية لحمايتك في حال وقوع أي حادث.

ملاحظة: بإمكانك التواصل مع إحدى جليساتنا لتشاركك خبرتها في العمل مع العائلات, إنضم لمجموعتنا على فيسبوك

Payments & Pricing

As part of the application process, we will help you set your hourly rate.

Most babysitters earn between $5.50 and $10 per hour, depending on experience and the type of child care they can offer.

At the end of each month, Jaleesa will transfer your fees to your bank account. We will help you create a free bank account with Bank Audi at your Orientation Day.

Every Jaleesa sitter has their own hourly rate, based on their experience and qualifications. When you apply, you will tell us which areas you can work in. Your rate includes a transportation rate of $5.33/ session.

If you have to work after 12:30 am, we will ask the client to pay for a taxi.

Jaleesa aims at building partnerships to also help you out. Currently we have a partnership in place with Careem. Jaleesa community members get 20% off five rides a month with Careem.

For hourly / ad hoc bookings, discounts start at 8 hours (5%) and increase by 1% per hour to a maximum of 30%. These are applied automatically. You will see your price before you accept a booking. For multi-session bookings the discount is applied per session, not for the total number of hours.

For recurring bookings you set your own price in coordination with the Hotline. We might give you a guide price based on our pricing system and/or our information on general market rates.

For packages and hotel bookings, there is a fixed rate. You will be informed of the rate before accepting the booking.

We have created this system to maximise your opportunities to work, and to give you more control over your recurring bookings rate. We will continue to improve the system: your feedback is most welcome.

(Updated July 2019)

Jaleesa charges a service fee of 3.5% on each booking. You will ONLY pay a service fee when you work. If you don't work, you don't pay us. This means your success, is our success. The 3.5% you will pay will help to cover the cost of maintaining the sitter app, our sitter liaison service, insurance and payroll services. It will also help us create more and better resources to help your professional development.

Ministry of Finance Number

No. All babysitters are independent contractors that access job opportunities via Jaleesa. When you sign the contract to become a Jaleesa babysitter, you become entitled to the following: access to job opportunities, hotline support while you are working, professional liability insurance, free induction training, and access to our community events.

Please find the following definitions. Jaleesa babysitters are independent contractors:

A full-time employee works 46 to 48 hours per week with one company and is entitled to social security (not the case with you and Jaleesa).

A part-time employee works fewer than 40 hours a week and is not entitled to social security or insurance (not the case with you and Jaleesa).

Independent contractors work by the hour, meaning you get paid when you work, and not when you don’t work (this is the case for Jaleesa babysitters).

No, because your place of work changes from session to session. When you go to the Ministry, tell them you’re a babysitter and your place of work changes frequently.

No, because you are not a full time employee of Jaleesa.

Yes, Jaleesa provides you with professional liability insurance to protect you while you are working. Jaleesa does not provide babysitters with health insurance.

The deduction is a percentage of your earnings. If you do not earn any money, you do not pay tax. 7.5% of 0 is 0!

Cancellation policy

When you accept a booking you are giving the family a commitment that you must not break, except in case of emergency or sickness. If this happens, please contact Jaleesa immediately, giving a reason for your cancellation. We may ask you to provide a doctor’s note.

If you cancel with less than 8 hours’ notice, you will be charged the Jaleesa service fee on your booking. This will be deducted from your earnings at the end of the month.

Canceling bookings without a good reason, and no-shows, are disciplinary offenses.

If you feel you are not able to do a good job or are worried about how a booking is going, please contact us immediately. We are here to help and we will do all we can to support you. The sooner you contact us, the more we will be able to help.

If a parent complains, we will investigate the situation. We will contact you to find out your perspective on the issue. If you are found to have breached our acceptable behaviors, you will be sanctioned in line with our Disciplinary Offence Table. You may also have 50% or 100% of your earnings deducted, depending on the severity of the case.

Parents trust Jaleesa sitters with their children. You must make sure your behavior lives up to that trust at all times. If you behave in an unacceptable way towards the Jaleesa team or community, we will no longer be able to work with you.

To make sure any breaches are handled in a fair way, we have developed a Disciplinary Offence Table, or DOT, which explains how we respond to different types of unacceptable behavior. The sanctions range from a verbal warning to termination. The DOT will be shared with you at your training or refresher training, and the latest version is available on Planet Jaleesa.

We are proud that our sitters get high ratings from customers and we hope we will never have to use the DOT.

Please make sure you live up to the trust we place in you. If you are worried or having any problems with your work at Jaleesa, please contact the team immediately. We will do our best to support you.

© 2020 Jaleesa. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Jaleesa. All rights reserved.