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We are doing our best to support families and caregivers during the coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon. We have offered all sitters an online Hygiene Awareness training, which includes a video assessment checked in person by our team. If your sitter has passed this training, the Hygiene Awareness badge will show on their profile.

Families and sitters are responsible for their own decisions on whether to go ahead with a booking. If a child, family member or sitter is sick or has a fever, please disclose this information, with symptoms and relevant doctor information, to the other party. This is so that families and caregivers can make informed decisions on whether to cancel a job. Please keep Jaleesa informed.

Specific to the Coronavirus, the Center for Disease Control recommends that people should self-quarantine for 14 days if:
- You have been in contact in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
- You have traveled to a CDC-designated level 2 or 3 area in the last 14 days

Jobs should be canceled if a sitter or anyone in the client's family fits into one of the above categories.

Jaleesa and any member thereof shall not be responsible in any way, for any contagion related to the Corona Virus or any other illness. The clients shall, at all times, be responsible for the safety, hygiene and health of their children and family members and shall be solely liable for any damages incurred due to such contagion

Yes, depending on the sitter’s availability. Sign up to the website and set your job details, then browse our sitters and select your favorites. Then, using our messaging tool, ask them if they’re available for the specific times you require.

If you don’t have regular times you’ll need a sitter but would still like to have the same one, be sure to let your favorite sitter know well in advance of new bookings to maximize the chance she’ll be available.

Yes! All you need to do is go back to your Jaleesa account and request a new recurring booking with your sitter.

There is a 20 minute grace period. If you are to come home later than that, check with your sitter that she is available. We will bill you for the extra time the next day.

The sitter has blocked her time out for the night, so you will be charged the full amount. See our cancellation policy for more information.

Our website will connect you with child carers in your area. Once you enter your location, the site will let you know if there are sitters in your area.

Usually this is fine, but it's important to set clear expectations with your sitter ahead of time.

Many Jaleesas have experience tutoring. This is a specialized skill, so there is a surcharge.

Jaleesa babysitters aren't permitted to drive children in their own cars.

Your sitter can accompany a driver, or can pick up your kids with a trusted taxi company. We have a partnership with Careem which gives you as a member of our community 20% off. Ask a Jaleesa team member or your sitter for the discount code.

Peace of Mind

We know it can be a difficult decision. That's why we put all our sitters through an extensive vetting process, interview and training. We have met all of them personally and we get personal feedback from every family they work with, as well as making a team assessment. During your session, the sitters will send you as many updates and photos as you like. We want you to be relaxed and confident.

Trust is very important to us. All sitters are evaluated through our proprietary onboarding system, which we developed based on European standards and our extensive experience of families’ needs. This includes: ID and police background record checks (from Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces); a scoring system based on trust criteria; and references published unedited on the sitter’s profile. Applications are reviewed by a team member before a sitter can work with Jaleesa. We also invite sitters to in-person training in First Aid and Child Development.

Ultimately, the decision to trust a sitter is in your hands. We help you make that decision by publishing reviews from trusted parents in our community, and by facilitating chats, interviews and trial sessions so you can meet your sitter before you book.

Yes. To ensure everyone is protected and all roles and responsibilities are clear, babysitters sign a contract (known as ‘Undertakings’) before they can take bookings with Jaleesa.

The contract (known as ‘Undertakings’) is a way to protect your family and the babysitter, and to make sure Jaleesa can fulfil its role, including handling your payments safely and ensuring everyone is happy. As a registered Lebanese company, Jaleesa needs to ensure families and child carers understand their roles and responsibilities when you use our services. That’s why we have developed international-standard Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which work together with individual contracts to ensure everyone’s role is clear.

We expect high standards from our sitters and deal promptly with any concerning behaviour in line with our operational policies. Please contact us if you are at all unhappy with your sitter’s service, or if you would like further information.

We work hard to make sure our babysitters are trained and prepared for any surprises that might happen while working with children. But we all know that family life is unpredictable, so for everyone’s peace of mind, we have put in place a professional indemnity insurance policy to cover any accidents that could happen in the course of the sitter's work. Families can help make sure everything goes smoothly, by briefing the babysitter fully, making sure any equipment the sitter needs is clearly and safely stored, and giving regular feedback to the Jaleesa team. We also recommend that families ensure they have their own home and contents insurance cover in place.

We constantly review the ways we ensure the safety and comfort of our community. We ask for your help in making this possible.

Taxis home

We ask you to book a taxi home for your babysitter if their shift ends at midnight or later. To facilitate this, we have partnered with Careem. As a member of the Jaleesa community you are entitled to 20% off five rides per month with the discount code JALEESA. You can also use this for your personal transportation.

Secure parking

We also ask that, if your babysitter is driving to or from their appointment with you, you give them access to secure parking at your building, or walk them back to their car if their shift ends after dark.

Stay in touch

If you ever have any concerns, please contact us any time on the Jaleesa customer support line, +961 76 817 019.

Payments & Pricing

Our prices range from LBP12,000 to LBP 23,000 per hour depending on number of children, number of infants, number of hours booked, and any special skills required. We also have customised packages. You can call us to know more details.

A: There are three ways to book:

A package. The most affordable rates, where we choose the available sitters for you. These prices usually start at LBP 6,000 per hour.

Hourly booking. Each babysitter sets her own rate with our guidance, based on her experience and qualifications. So once you choose the sitter profile that you like, you can make a booking and see her rate for your schedule. The prices start at LBP 12,000 depending on the sitter you choose.

Customized monthly booking. We invite babysitters to apply for your booking, and babysitters offer a customized monthly based on your booking details. We guide the sitters to offer discounts, the more hours you book.

Jaleesa charges a service fee on each transaction. This is included in the price you are quoted: no surprises. The vast majority of what you pay goes to the babysitter. The service fee we charge helps us to vet and train great child carers, run our gold-standard customer service, and bring Jaleesa's child care to more families in Lebanon.

For regular monthly bookings, we offer significant discounts. Please contact us to know more about them.

The price for your babysitting booking will include transportation at 8,000 LL ($5.33) per session.

Additionally, we ask you to book a taxi home for your babysitter if their shift ends at midnight or later.

To facilitate this, we have partnered with the ride-hailing app Careem. As a member of the Jaleesa community you are entitled to 20% off five rides per month with the discount code JALEESA. You can also use this for your personal travel: we advise our community not to walk alone late at night.

Jaleesa sitters are not allowed to receive cash tips. We take the stress out of paying your babysitter by handling all the finances, making sure that your money is safe and everything is clear with your sitter. We are happy to arrange for tips: if you would like to tip your babysitter, please email us at We do not add any Jaleesa service fees to babysitter tips.

Feedback and issues

If you are in any way unsatisfied with the Jaleesa service or your babysitter, please contact our customer service team on +961 76 817 019. We will do all we can to help resolve the issues.

For more details or questions about our cancellation policy, you can always reach out to us on


Single-session bookings

You can cancel your single-session booking for a full refund (minus service fees) up to 24 hours before it is due to start.

If you cancel between 6 and 24 hours before the start time, we will refund you for the cost of your booking minus service fee, and minus 50% of the sitter’s fee. We pay the sitter’s fee directly to the sitter as compensation for reserving their time.

If you cancel within 6 hours before the start time, or after a one-time booking has already started, no refund is offered.

Multi-session bookings

In your first month:
If you cancel your multi-session with 30 days’ notice or more, you will receive a full refund minus service fees.
If you cancel within 7 - 30 days’ notice, your upfront payment (usually your first week’s fees) is non-refundable.
If you cancel with less than 7 days’ notice, you will pay 60% of your normal fee plus service fees.

From the second month onwards:
If you cancel your multi-session booking with 30 days’ notice or more, you will not be charged.

If you cancel with 7-30 days’ notice, you will pay 30% of your normal fee plus service fees.

If you cancel with less than 7 days’ notice, you will pay 60% of your normal fee plus service fees.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Please contact us immediately if you are in any way unhappy and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

We make it clear to sitters that accepting your booking means a fixed commitment. They must not cancel except in cases of emergency or sickness. In the rare event that this happens, the Jaleesa team will immediately try to find you a replacement sitter for a similar price. If a sitter for the same price cannot be found, we may suggest you increase your budget in order to increase the chances of finding a replacement. If this is not possible we will be happy to offer you a full refund. We will keep you informed and give you as much notice as possible.

All refunds are made onto the same card you paid with. If you did not pay online, we will contact you to arrange the refund. We aim to process all refunds within three working days.

© 2020 Jaleesa. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Jaleesa. All rights reserved.