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If you need to cancel a monthly, recurrent booking with Jaleesa, please provide us with 30 days’ notice, by email, to

If you cancel with more than 12 hours’ notice, you are entitled to a full or partial refund. Our non-refundable service fee will be deducted before your refund is processed.

The more notice you give, the greater the refund:

If you give 24 hours' notice you are entitled to a full refund minus Jaleesa's service fee.

If you give 12-24 hours' notice you are entitled to a 50% refund of the total amount, minus Jaleesa's service fee.

If you give less than 12 hours' notice you will receive a 50% credit toward your next booking, minus the Jaleesa service fee.

You can avoid these fees by rescheduling your booking to another time, with as much notice as possible. Contact the Jaleesa team if you need any help with this.


If you are in any way unsatisfied with the Jaleesa service or your babysitter, please contact our customer service team on +961 (76) 817 019. We will do all we can to help resolve the issues.

For more details or questions about our cancellation policy, you can always reach out to us on

The sitter has settled her time for the night, so you will be charged the full amount. See our cancellation policy for more information.

Usually this is fine, but make sure to check with your sitter ahead of time.

Our website works in a way where you will be connected with child-carers in your area. Make sure to signin, share your location and get connected to Jaleesa babysitters near you!

You can be late to up to 20 minutes. If you are to come home later, check with your sitter that she is available. We will bill you for the extra time the next day.

Yes! Certainly; all you need to do is go back to your Jaleesa account on and request for a recurrent booking, or a new booking with your preferred sitter.

Your sitter can accompany a driver, or can pick up your kids with a trusted taxi company. We have a partnership with Careem which gives you as a member of our community 20% off, reach out to a Jaleesa team member for the code.

Yes, we have lots of Jaleesas who have lots of experience with tutoring. This is a specialised skill, so there is a surcharge. Parents’ experience with Jaleesa tutors has been a great one, and many kids showed better grades after tutoring sessions with our Jaleesa tutors!

Yes, depending on the sitter’s availability. Sign up to the website and set your job details, then browse our sitters and select your favorites. Then, using our messaging app, ask them if they’re available for the specific regular times you require.

If you don’t have regular times you’ll need a sitter but would still like to have the same one, be sure to let your favorite sitter know well in advance to maximize the chance she’ll be available.

Payments & Pricing

Our prices range from $7- $15/ hour depending on number of kids, number of infants, and number of hours booked, and any special skills required. Once you enter your booking details on the website, you will be able to see the rate for each sitter for the hours you need.

The price for your babysitting booking will include transportation at 8,000 LL per session.

Additionally, we ask you to book a taxi home for your babysitter if their shift ends at midnight or later.

To facilitate this, we have partnered with the ride-hailing app Careem. As a member of the Jaleesa community you are entitled to 20% off five rides per month with the discount code JALEESA. You can also use this for your personal travel: we are advising our whole community not to walk alone late at night.

Jaleesa sitters are not allowed to receive cash tips. We take the stress out of paying your babysitter by handling all the finances, making sure that your money is safe and everything is clear with your sitter. We are happy to arrange for tips: if you would like to tip your babysitter, please email us at We do not add any Jaleesa service fees to babysitters' tips.

For regular monthly bookings, and one-off bookings over 20 hours, we offer significant discounts. Please enter your details into our pricing calculator to get a range of what we might charge.

Jaleesa charges a service fee on each transaction. This is included in the price you are quoted - no surprises. The vast majority of what you pay always goes to the babysitter. The service fee we charge helps us to vet and train great child carers, run our gold-standard customer service, and bring Jaleesa's child care to more families in Lebanon.

We developed and tested our pricing algorithm over thousands of hours of babysitting. It’s based on:

1. Sitter’s basic hourly rate. Every Jaleesa has their own basic hourly rate, based on their skills and qualifications. We recommend a rate for each sitter when they successfully complete their online profile, but sitters can also choose to change their rate. As we reward excellent performance, we allow for sitters to increase their rates when they reach milestones like positive reviews and new qualifications. A sitter can’t change his or her rate for bookings that they have already accepted or started.

2. Number of kids. Caring for more kids is a bigger responsibility and requires more work and preparation from the sitter. So we add 10% extra per child, for up to four kids.

3. Number of hours. We apply a discount scale to the sitter’s hourly rate, starting at 8 hours. The discounts are from 8% (from 8 hours per booking or per month), to 50% (from 40 hours per booking or per month).

We then add Jaleesa’s service fee (18%), a transportation fee of $5.33 per session, and payment processing costs. The service fee is only applied to the cost of your child care, not to transport or payment charges.

When you submit a booking request, our algorithm uses these factors to calculate a price for your exact booking. Visit to create a booking request and get a price for your babysitting.

Peace of Mind

We constantly review the ways we ensure the safety and comfort of our community. We ask for your help in making this possible.

Taxis home

We ask you to book a taxi home for your babysitter if their shift ends at midnight or later. To facilitate this, we have partnered with the ride-hailing app Careem. As a member of the Jaleesa community you are entitled to 20% off five rides per month with the discount code JALEESA. You can also use this for your personal travel.

Secure parking

We also ask that, if your babysitter is driving to or from her (or his) appointment with you, you give her access to secure parking at your building, or walk her/him back to their car if their shift ends after dark.

Stay in touch

If you ever have any concerns, please contact us any time on the Jaleesa customer support line, +961 76 817 019.

We work hard to make sure our babysitters are trained and prepared for any surprises that might happen while working with children. But we all know that family life is unpredictable, so for everyone’s peace of mind, we have put in place a Jaleesa insurance policy to covers any accidents that could happen. Families can help make sure everything goes smoothly, by briefing the babysitter fully, making sure any equipment the sitter needs is clearly and safely stored, and giving regular feedback to the Jaleesa team. We also recommend that families ensure they have home and contents insurance cover in place.

Yes. To ensure everyone is protected and all roles and responsibilities are clear, babysitters sign a contract (known as ‘Undertakings’) before they can take bookings with Jaleesa.

The contract (known as ‘Undertakings’) is a way to protect your family and the babysitter, and to make sure Jaleesa can fulfil its role, including handling your payments safely and ensuring everyone is happy. As a registered Lebanese company, Jaleesa needs to ensure families and child carers understand their roles and responsibilities when you use our services. That’s why we have developed international-standard Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which work together with individual contracts to ensure everyone’s role is clear.

We know it can be a difficult decision. That's why we put all our sitters through an extensive vetting process, interview and training. We have met all of them personally and we get personal feedback from every family they work with, as well as making our own comments. During the session, the sitters will send you as many updates and photos as you like during your booking - we want you to be relaxed and confident. Many of them are trained nurses and have many years of experience.

Briefly, our sitters go through a four-step security process: ID checks, reference checks, an interview with the Jaleesa team, and our induction training and assessment.

In addition to that, we offer First Aid and child psychology training to all sitters, including bonding techniques and behavior management.

For more information visit our About page.