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Staying safe this festive season

Our new holiday tradition

Usually the holidays sneak up on me. Last year I didn’t even book my ticket home (to see my mother in Los Angeles) until December 22nd, for a red-eye leaving the next day. I did all my Christmas shopping in the Doha airport, and I spent New Year’s Eve on a 14-hour flight from LA back to the Middle East.

This year, I had to plan ahead better. There’s a new member of my family that takes up all my time, keeps me up at night, and reminds me what matters as I consider the year gone by. My new baby’s name? Jaleesa.

Beirut's best social impact Christmas gifts

Love the giving spirit of the holidays but bored by the impulse to amass more meaningless stuff? We’ve compiled a short list of fabulous gifts made by social impact businesses. Like Jaleesa, all of these organizations are founded on principles of giving back to their communities. And also like Jaleesa, their products are cleverly designed to make your life easier, during the holidays and all year round.

Beirut daycares roundup

Come summer's end in Beirut, when it's cooling off enough to venture outdoors again, the same questions crop up in every playground, every summer colonie, and every parents WhatsApp group: 'Which daycare do you send your kids to?' 'What are some good and affordable daycares in X area?' 'What is a reasonable price for a daycare if I am leaving my son 8 to 5?'

The new Jaleesa.co - AKA “Why am I not at the beach”

Eleven months ago today we launched our lovely Jaleesa website. Today it’s had a major upgrade.