Yasmine, 20
5.00 avg of 1
Yasmine, 20
5.00 avg of 1

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jaleesa certified


Arabic, French, English

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I am a very caring person. Anyone who knows me would say that about me. I always put other people's needs before mine, especially if they're loved ones or children or pets. I usually have an immediate connection with children, especially infants and toddlers. And growing up I always took care of my younger cousins and consoled them when they were sad, or helped them with homework. About me, I love the outdoors, and I love sports. I love exploring the world and learning new things. I am somewhat


30 March 2018

Yasime is very patient, calm and and a well listener. My daughter loved talking to her.Kids sometimes need someone to listen to their stories, and Yasmine was perfect for this job.In addition, Yasmine always has a smile on her face which assured my daughter that she was enjoying her time with her. Thank you Yasmine for making my and my daughter's day.


Toufic Ghalayini
21 October 2017

Don't hasitate on bokkimg her you won't regret it trust me from my experience with her

Zahra Abdallah
21 October 2017

Yasmine is a women that assumes her responsibilities, and is a very fast learner. I think it would be an amazing feeling for her to take care of kids as i know how much she loves them.