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Nadia, 29

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I am a management information system graduate ,i paint as well as sing in fayha choir as a soprano :) I gained babysitting experience while looking after my cousin's & neighbor's kids, as well as kids whom I taught private lessons but mostly and more professionally from my years with jaleesa. I enjoy working with kids because they're so innocent and creative and if you open your heart and mind u'll find that they make complete sense, playing with them would then be so real and enjoyable. In my ideal babysitting session we would do art work, to stimulate their imagination as well as teach them new skills and help them develop through different activities.
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29 April 2020

Jawad and taline had an exciting and useful online session with an adorable teacher ' Nadia'. The eyecatch she got them into was brilliant. The techniques she used was stunning and as their first try was super. Very useful and mind peace for parents with trustworthy team. Great Job! I highly recommend

03 September 2019


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29 July 2019

If Nadia is available, you should book her. Nadia did take care of our 1yo every day after Kindergarten for 10 months. We understood from the reviews that she was very professional and that was truly the case. She prepares herself and adapts to the needs of the child and also the family. She is creative and fun inventing games, songs (and even stories of books written in a language she does not know) and most of all, she is loving and caring. When things get chaotic, Nadia remains calm and focused and never takes her eyes of the child. It’s a true pleasure seeing her at work.

24 July 2019

Even though it is my first time using a sitter, i was impressed by the wonderful and caring work delivered by Nadia. She showed professionalism, love and care for our little 3 months old baby. She was very keen to listen an understand all our parenting practices and preferences. The baby was very fine with her, she took extremely care of him and we felt at ease as well. She is a trustworthy person and we are very happy to have her as part of our family.

22 June 2019

Nadia was absolutely wonderful. It was my first time using a sitter in lebanon and she made me feel at ease. My 2 year old had a great time playing with her. They set up mini obstacle courses, built some legos, played some imaginative play and read books. She kept me informed on how she was doing and I got to see some videos of them playing. Most importantly she was able to calm her down when it was time for bed. Nadia is genuine, super loving and energetic. Would highly recommend her and definitely book her again.

08 March 2019

Nadia is a very competent, professional, and loving sitter. Even though we've had only a few experiences with her, and they were several months apart, she has managed to win over my 3yr old's heart, and my trust and appreciation. She listens attentively to your requests and parenting preferences and goes the extra mile of doing her own research into what you share to come fully prepared. Our parenting style is very child-centered, and respect, communication and positive disciple are of utmost importance to us. I am confident leaving my son with Nadia knowing that he will spend his time with her in the same environment he's used to. She's also so much fun to be around that he cries when she leaves! We highly recommend her.

11 February 2019

Nadia was great, keeping our 4y old son engaged with different creative and educational activities (right after arriving she enquired about his current interests and then built on that, exceeding our expectations), and regularly giving us feedback. Our son was very proud to show us what he did with Nadia and said he had a great time with her and so we wouldn't hesitate to have Nadia back or recommend her !

04 February 2019

Nadia takes care of our daughter after nursery until we come back from work. She is both caring and inspiring when it comes to activities and early childhood development. We trust her fully and enjoy seeing the bond that developed between her and our daughter. A highly recommended, professional caregiver.

09 January 2019

Nadia was great! She was kind,caring,very knowledgeable with a very good experience that is why i felt completely at ease. She gave me updates via text and pictures when I wasn’t present, which was a nice way to keep me updated on my baby’s activities. And since I was very comfortable and happy to leave my son under her supervision, I was able to enjoy a night out. Just really a very good experience!Thank you so much!!!

09 January 2019

Nadia has been our go to babysitter for over a year now. She is wonderful and has a great relationship with our boys. Nadia is always on time and there has never been the slightest issue. We could not be happier. Chris and Celine

04 September 2018

Nadia totally made our vacation. Her professionalism, awareness, devotion, hygiene & punctuality and her magical way with kids are impressive. Our kids eho never had a day sitter care for them before fell in love with Nadia and they also listened to her and were obedient. It was enthralling to watch her take care of them. Her bubbly personality her joy were just contagious. Nadia made our vacation. Trustworthy, devoted, aware & professional and just beyond caring. If we lived in Lebanon Nadia would be our daily sitter no doubt. My youngest cries everytime it is time for Nadia to leave. I can’t recommend this loving professional young carer enough! We love you Nadia & until next summer dear.

14 August 2018

My baby was going through separation anxiety when Nadia met him but she definitely won his heart very quickly. She is very comfortable with kids, extremely contientious, creative and positive. She takes pride in her work and that shows across the service provided.

09 July 2018

Nadia is the most wonderful babysitter! She has been taking care of our 3 daughters for the last 5 months after school and lately all day long. She's been a great support following up the education we give to our kids. She manages to keep a safe and structured environment while being fun, creative, dynamic and enthusiastic in the activities she organizes. She also shared her passion for singing to the kids. The girls love her, she has our entire trust and we will definitely continue to work with her in the future.

24 June 2018

As usual, Nadia was on time and more importantly, I booked very late and yet she was available and very responsive. She came on time as usual and we left for our dinner with great peace of mind. I am happy to have found Nadia and Great job ladies!

10 June 2018

Nadia was amazing with Sophiah. They spent 3 hours together in a birthday party and Sophiah looked happy and she is certainly going to be happy to spend time with Nadia again.

07 June 2018

we were very happy to meet Nadia! She was very professional, with perfect English & communication skills. She worked on specific activities to improve the baby's motor and occupational skills! Premature babies need special care and Nadia did her homework very well by researching and working on stimulating our baby!

24 May 2018

Nadia was perfectly on time, smiley and professional. She did not have the chance to meet my little one as she was already sleeping, yet she showed great potential and I left the home for my Gala dinner perfectly in peace. Nadia is great.

26 April 2018

Nadia was quick to respond, timely, and attentive. Thank you for the great work !

20 March 2018

My kids loved her from the first time, they asked me if Nadia can come again!! Nadia follows up and kept me posted. She is friendly and very polite.

15 March 2018

Nadia is outgoing, dynamic and has very good approach with children. My children really like spending time with her: "when can she do a sleepover at home, Moooooom. Pleaaaaase, say yes!!" :) Nadia is GREAT: great for parents who can leave their children with confidence. She organizes nice activities, reads stories, helps with homework, serves their meals and follows the rules of the house. Our children are happy on the days when Nadia looks after them and always asks her to stay longer. We highly recommend her!

04 December 2017

Nadia is so warm and friendly, and makes you -- and the kids -- feel at ease from the first moment. Our baby slept happily in her arms, and our sleeping 3-yr-old who woke up once said she was very nice and made her feel Iike everything was okay.

20 November 2017

Nadia is clearly well educated, smart and a good person. She kept in contact with me during the session. My children thought Nadia was wonderful.

02 November 2017

Nadia hit the ground running with little instruction required. Full marks.

23 October 2017

Love her smile and punctuality. You saved my night!

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Rachel Lotfi
20 March 2018

She is very polite. She used to help the kids in their studies. She took care of my 2 nephews while I go to work.

Ola Nasserddine
20 March 2018

She used to tutor my nephews 6 and 4 years. She tutored them for 3 months. She also took care of my other nephews when they come to Lebanon. My nephew is 4, he is quite spoiled but with Nadia he listens to her and obeys her. She is very organized has her work as a priority and follows her schedule. She is perfect and works from her heart.

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