Mirna, 45
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Intermediate: English, Arabic



A current First Aid certificate from the Lebanese Red Cross

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I love having a conversation with children, and their honesty and innocence. I like how peaceful they look when they sleep and how energetic they are when they play.

When I get to have spare time I like to do sports, listen to music, watch TV and visit my friends.

My child care experience started with babysitting my nephew and my friend's children. I worked with a one year old boy, and currently I've been babysitting two children (3 & 6 years), for the past 9 months.

My experience

I love taking care of babies, as I love to be a story teller and play with kids, it makes me happy. I started babysitter first for my kid's friends 10 years ago, and 3 years ago I started doing it professionally. I always read articles related to kids and how to deal with them. I love acquiring knowledge related to kids.

  5 years of childcare experience

0-12 months   1-2 years   2-5 years   6+ years  


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Recent Reviews

  •  Anna

  •  Nov. 20, 2017, 11:50 a.m.

"Mirna was a perfect sitter - punctual, communicative, sweet and patient. She sent us updates while we were out to make sure we didn't worry, and got our rather fussy baby sweetly to sleep in her arms! Thank you Mirna and see you again soon!"

  •  Kimberly

  •  Aug. 22, 2017, 5:52 p.m.

"Mirna was a calm presence from the beginning. This is what helped me make my decision; my baby can be on the fussier side, and I knew the patience that Mirna presented was exactly what my baby needed. [Name withheld] can't talk, but the fact that she didn't cry when Mirna held her, and that she was very calm when we returned from our job was evidence that our baby was comfortable in her care. I was nervous to leave my baby with a sitter for the first time. She has only known my husband and I as her caregivers. But after having Mirna sit for 4 days, an immense pressure was taken off of me. My husband and I were finally able to go out. I've expressed this to Mirna already, but she is a natural. I am really grateful for her calm, capable manner. I cannot express the gratitude I have for making a week that I was very nervous about be as peaceful as it was."

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