Ghada, 45
Ghada, 45

experience (2 years)

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first aid
hygiene awareness
jaleesa certified


Arabic, English, French

about Ghada

I’m good with kids I am very clean with my work and i pay good attention to my surroundings
“I am a mom and I have four years of experience nannying after kids aged from they Borned to 6 years. I especially love working with babies and I see my job as being part of the family. I speak good English and French lived for 9 years in Nigeria before returning to Lebanon. In my spare time I do charitable work to support underprivileged women. I love home cooked food and natural nutrition and remedies.”my phone nb is 03523829

What do you do to relax after a long day?

Doing my hobby ..walking


18 September 2020

Ghada is an amazing caregiver for kids at any age. Our two children love her!

05 June 2020

Ghada is a wonderful sitter

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10 March 2020

We feel incredibly fortunate to work with Ghada regularly and have her caring for our son. She treats him like her own and is consistently engaged, patient and very knowledgeable. Her energy is endless! As a new Mum, I learned a great deal from her and she has taken great care of me as well. And as an expat who is relatively new to Beirut, she has played a huge role in making the transition easier. Our son lights up when he sees her and we couldn't ask for more.

21 January 2020


04 November 2019

Our family had a great experience with Ghada. She is an amazing person who has been taking care of our two children on a regular basis, and both of them loves her. I would highly recommend Ghada as a babysitter for children of all ages

11 September 2019

Ghada is really amazing. From the moment she set foot in our apartment we felt like she was a member of our family. Our 6 year old son Karim was at ease and wanted to show her around the place, his toys and favorite TV series. She knew exactly when to play along and when to set boundaries (Kids have a tendency to take advantage when parents are away). She kept us posted on what they were doing via the WhatsApp group. The night we spend was worry free. We've already had her twice, and I can't recommend her enough.

28 August 2019

Ghada is the best Jaleesa nanny with whom we have had the pleasure of working. She is kind and patient with our one year old son, and displays a genuine sense of affections towards him. She engages him in a range of activities, thereby ensuring he is sufficiently stimulated and occupied. We would definitely recommend her!

08 July 2019

Ghada is a phenomenal babysitter. She is our baby’s regular nanny and regularly exceeds my expectations. She has been teaching him to recognise words and animal sounds. We’ve worked with her for nine months and she has been on time every single day. If we ever give her feedback she responds positively and supportively. She has become my reference point for parenting questions. I trust her 100% and am so happy with her positive impact on my son’s development.

08 June 2019

My son LOVED his times with Ghada. She took amazing care of him. She was super engaged with the kids, playing games and teaching them songs. Always on time and enthusiastic. Really love her!

10 April 2019

Ghada is a wonderful person who will take care of your child in the best possible way. She is not only able to keep your child engaged in fun activities, she will also help you to organize everything around the child, including cooking, cleaning and getting through that laundry basket. She is excellent with children of all ages and have a magical ability to understand their needs and what they want.I will recommend Ghada warmly to any family.

27 December 2018

Ghada is a wonderful person! She has gone above and beyond to help our family out during our visit to Beirut over the holidays. My son (12m) is at the exact age for 'stranger danger' but she navigated the situation so well and very soon he was so relaxed with her. Now, he runs to her arms and rests his cheek on her shoulder. Seeing as we don't live in Beirut, Ghada has helped us with getting situated here and finding places for him to play. She's regularly bringing him toys and meals and helping with laundry...without us ever asking! She really goes above and beyond. Ghada has an incredible work ethic and such a big heart for everyone, most of all kids. We are going to be so sad to return home to the US and leave her. However, I know that we will stay in touch with her for a long time from our bond the past two weeks.

12 December 2018

Ghada was great and my little one spent an amazing time with her. I came back home and Sophiah was happy about her activities and all those beautiful drawings that they both did. Ghada is a great great sitter !

12 December 2018

Ghada was great. Not only she came in advance but she directly understood the personality of my little Sophiah and connected with her very well. I can say that when I go out I am totally confident that my little one is doing great because Ghada is with her.

22 October 2018

Ghada has been amazing with the baby from Day One. Ghada is our full time nanny and is confident, flexible and experienced with nappies, washing the baby and preparing bottles. She has gone the extra mile to support our family as we settled back into Beirut (we moved back from London when the baby was 11 weeks old), helping us to find baby equipment in the first few days and giving advice on issues we needed help with. Ghada has also helped me settle back in to work, by bringing the baby in for feeds at lunchtime. She's been incredible and I totally recommend working with her!

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Mervat Kobaisy
11 April 2018

Ghada took care of my son since he was 4months until he was 2years old. She’s patience and caring. My son still likes to call her on mother’s day.

10 April 2018

Ghada has tenderness towards children and she's very patient. When she gave a shower to my baby, he never cried!

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